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2x01 ”I Fall To Pieces”

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And therein lies my biggest issue. Since it’s unlikely Gunnar/Scarlett or Rayna/Deacon will be reuniting soon they could have kept Juliette and Avery together while still having issues to deal with and thus keeping at least one of it’s core couples.

Yeah I agree that having a core couple have angst yet stay together would be great. Like I think Rayna/Deacon are very far away from a reunion. Scarlett and Gunnar I’m less sure, it’s hard to gauge since they haven’t had scenes recently but out of all the R/D and J/A I personally feel S/G will have the least damage to deal with when the time comes for a reunion so I think when those issues are dealt with things could move quickly. I do think if there’s a time jump between season 2 and 3 it could slightly change/move on where some of the relationships are at too.

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No it doesn’t…sigh It’s just so frustrating because I feel that the Scarlett story could have provided enough turmoil without throwing cheating into the mix especially after we already got the Deacon/Megan/Teddy stuff this season.

Honesty I think the writers decided it was time for Juliette and Avery to break up. But they wrote them so solidly that it needed to be something big and devastating to actual make a break up happen and I don’t think the Scarlett issues alone would have been big enough to tear them apart.

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Ugh I can’t find the link for it but I can tell you that it pretty confirms your speculation :(

I got a pretty decent run down of what’s in it from barnesclaybourne and sigh :( Apparently having myself prepared for it doesn’t really help much at all…

2x21 “All or Nothing with Me” Episode Stills (x)